Everything you need

Materials, Training and Resources

The Course Builder gives you access to all materials, training and resources related to running The Marriage Course and The Pre-Marriage Course, including the option to download the latest series.

How to navigate The Course Builder 

To sign up to run The Marriage Course or The Pre-Marriage Course, you will need to set up your course on The Marriage Course Builder. Simply follow these straightforward steps.  

Create an account

If you've never logged into The Course Builder, you will first need to create an account. To do so, simply hit the Signup button on the login page.  

Verify your account

From here, fill out the form and hit the Sign Up button. You'll receive an account verification email. Please click through on the email to confirm your account. 

Explore your dashboard

Once logged in, you'll be brought to the main dashboard. From the dashboard, you can create a course, download resources and watch training videos.  

Get an overview

All seven episodes of The Marriage Course and the five episodes of The Pre-Marriage Course are available for download in the course library. To learn more about each course, simply hit the See More button. Here you will find a short overview of the course, as well as all episodes to preview.

Before you start

Creating a course is simple and vital to ensuring course administrators receive the resources they need and ensuring guests are able to find your course online.

Create your course

To start, simply click on the Create a Course button. Select which course you are planning to run and enter a name for your course. This name will appear when guests are looking for a course online. Select the date that your course will start, choose a start time and enter the location of your course. 

Connect your course

If your course is running through a church or organisation, please connect your course to the church or organisation or add if you do not see it listed. This information helps guests find your course and when your church or organisation will be running it next. 

Add the details

Once you have created a course, you will land on the details page for the course. In the future, when needing to access details and resources for your course, simply go to the Active Courses section and select your course. 

Explore the library

Once you have a created a course, you will find a library of resources to help you run your course. Under session videos, you will find all episodes available to download.

Course promotion

Under the Promote tab, you will find resources to help you promote your course, including videos, print materials and digital assets. 

Resources and materials

Under the Supporting Tools tab, you will have access to the end of the session questionnaire, a leaders guide for running The Marriage Course and a printable PDF of the Guest Journal. Please note, we do encourage you to purchase the printed Guest Journal when it becomes available in your region. 

Updating course details

If at any point you need to update your course details, simply click Edit Course Details in the top right corner. 

Download training videos

Finally, make sure to head over to the Learning Centre where you will be able to view and download training videos on how to run the most effective course. Training topics include Creating an Experience, Building a Team and Promoting your Course. We encourage you to revisit the platform for new promotional and training resources.