Your marriage. But better.

Your marriage.
But better.
Mei wonders...
How can we communicate better without arguing?
Kenneth wonders...
What’s so important about date night?
Kenneth wonders...
What should I do about my in-laws?
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The Pre-Marriage Course

For engaged couples, newlyweds, or couples exploring the idea of marriage 

In person or online

The Marriage Course

For couples who are married or have lived together for more than two years 


Our marriage courses...

In person or online

Have had a positive impact on the relationship of 99% of couples who’ve tried it
Include stimulating private conversations with your partner guided by helpful discussion points
Include input from leading global relationship experts, psychologists, authors and psychosexual specialists

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The Marriage Course not only transformed my marriage, it saved my life. We had been married for three years when my husband and I did the course. We had a traumatic birth, lost another child and we needed real help. Now we have been married for 15 years, we have had twins and I tell everyone to do The Marriage Course.

Brisbane, Australia

Couples are loving the experience of going through The Marriage Course as it provides so much space for them to talk about content throughout each evening in the privacy of their own home. We feel the opportunity to do this online has reached far more couples than we ever could have imagined.

Kirk Peterson
Portland, USA

We’ve really appreciated this marriage course. Not just because of the easy-to-engage format, but also because of the quality of the video content. The hosts in the video are great at clearly communicating ideas in an entertaining way that makes us feel like we’ve been invited into their lives to learn alongside them.

Anon Online Guest

We did The Pre-Marriage Course before we got married 6 years ago so it’s nice to be doing The Marriage Course now. The Pre-Marriage Course put us on a firm footing going forward. We thought we were close already but the course helped us to have conversations we didn't know we needed to have.

Charlie and Kate
London, UK

The conversations that we had during The Pre-Marriage course formed how we interacted in the beginning of our marriage and gave us tools to communicate about certain issues, especially at the beginning when you're trying to figure out everything...

Sam and Hilary

The Marriage Course helped me tremendously, moving me away from trying to fix my wife, to listening to her.

United Kingdom

We’ve always wanted to participate in the course, but having a severely disabled child, it’s virtually impossible to get a babysitter. This has meant we’ve never been able to participate in the course when it’s been running at our church. Now that it’s online, we can join in and we’ve already got so much out of it just in the first session.

Sarah and Mike
United Kingdom

The Pre Marriage Course really put us on a firm footing going forward. We thought we were close already but the course helped us have conversations we didn't know we needed to have. And this course forced us to have even more conversations relevant to us in this stage of our marriage.

Sarah and John
United Kingdom

When we have a regular date night, we really notice the difference, means that we stay friends, interested and really invested in the same things as opposed to just drifting apart. That means that we catch stuff really early and don't allow resentment to creep in.

Caroline and Jack
United Kingdom

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The Marriage Course and The Pre-Marriage Course have been successfully run in over 117 countries worldwide since they were created by Nicky and Sila Lee, authors of The Marriage Book.